The Let’s Play Hockey Expo is an event to look forward to, for any hockey related business, each spring. As the largest Hockey Expo in the world, you can expect that nearly every one of the thousands of fans that visit the Expo each day are your business’ target demographic. The event is extremely well run, and I cannot say nearly enough about how wonderful it is to work with owner Bryan Zollman. He takes suggestions seriously and is continuously working to improve in any way that he can to make this event a success for each vendor and patron alike. GoodWood Hockey continues to grow a wide customer base from each year at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo. We look forward to many fun and successful years to come!

Kelly Meza, Owner / Goodwood Hockey

I’ve exhibited at many “Hockey themed trade shows” over the last 18 years, and many, if not most of them, were not only very disappointing, but were a “1 and Done show” and the others eventually folded, and are no longer around.I think the Let’s Play Hockey Expo is the only remaining and longest standing hockey show.In recent years, my booth has been a non-stop flow of hockey enthusiast with a steady line of people waiting to demo my product, BOX HOCKEY.If you have a hockey related business and are looking for a 2 day show with approximately 50,000 attendees; I’d recommend exhibiting at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo.It’s probably the best option for letting the most hockey fans, at one time, experience your product.

Andy Brody / Box Hockey International

It was such a great show and a great overall experience. I would hands down recommend it to anyone in the hockey industry.

Derek Skaggs, Owner / Hockey Ninja

The Goalie Club has been attending the Let’s Play Hockey Expo for the last 15 years.We have been able to connect with current customers, attract new clients and spend time together with our TGC staff. We look forward to attending each year!

Des Christopher / The Goalie Club

LPH show has had a HUGE impact on our business! We basically launched our product at the 2017 show. We only had prototypes with the promise to ship our product in 6-8 weeks. We still sold a ton!! Nonstop foot traffic of families from all over the Midwest that LOVE the game of hockey. Best hockey show on the planet. If you have a hockey related business your nuts to not attend the LPH show.

David Maley, 1986 Stanley Cup Champion, Owner / Top Shelf Targets