Address: PO Box 23028 Minneapolis, MN 55423
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CGS offers skill development programs. Brian is the maker of custom goalie equipment.

Business Website Address: https://carrollgs.com/
Business Phone Number: 612-703-2449
Goalcrease/CCM Goalie
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Goalie training and equipment

Business Website Address: https://www.goalcrease.com/
Business Phone Number: 952-942-7001
Goalie Guru
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The Goalie Guru is a performance-enhancing grip attachment that legally improves handling and rebound control for goalies of all ages and play styles.

Business Website Address: https://www.getgoalieguru.com/
Business Phone Number: 413-441-7071
Grangroth Graphics
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Grangroth Graphics company is ran and co-owned by two brothers with a dream of running their own business. Aaron, 24, and Nate, 20, have been airbrushing for over seven years. Aaron was a high school hockey goalie and wanted a custom mask, but wasn’t up for paying someone to do it for him. He decided to paint it himself and that’s where Grangroth Graphics began. Since then we have painted masks for multiple Junior Hockey leagues, Division 1 and AHL/NHL. We focus on the same consistent quality at all levels and ages. Whether you are a first-year goalie, playing high level hockey, or men’s league, we want you to have a mask that you can take pride in. Regardless of the level you are at we are going to put the same work into every mask that comes in. We strive to ensure that everyone receives a quality custom paint job for an affordable price

Business Website Address: https://www.grangrothgraphics.com/
Business Phone Number: 612.860.8940
MEGA Goaltending
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Goalie training

Business Website Address: http://www.megagoaltending.com
Business Phone Number: 763-717-3232
Premiere Goaltender Development
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Our staff of passionate goaltending coaches is committed to teaching you the skills and tools needed to become the best goaltender you can be.

Business Website Address: https://www.pgdgoaltending.com/
Business Phone Number: 763-498-3881
Rick O Shay Goalie Blocker
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Rick-O-Shay is constructed of a High Molecular Weight Plastic. In hockey talk that just means that this is a tough, resilient material. Whatever blistering slapper you think you got, Rick-O-Shay will turn it aside like it was shot from your grandma.

Business Website Address: https://rick-o-shay.com/
Second String Leather Company
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At Second String Leather Company, vintage goalie gear is revived, re-purposed and restitched into one-of-a-kind, hand crafted leather goods. Each collection has been hand selected, and shares a unique journey. From early morning practices to championship games, each piece has a story to tell and memories to share. Timeless products forged from full grain, oil-tanned leather, paired with a unique blend of vintage gear.

Business Website Address: https://secondstringleather.com/
Business Phone Number: 616-893-6173
Address: 521 Cardinal Dr.
Mankato, MN 56002
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The Goalie Club Goalie School was founded in 2002 by Des Christopher and Craig Lindsay, experienced goaltender coaches seeking a camp which continuously changed and adapted with the latest goaltending styles and techniques.

Business Website Address: http://www.thegoalieclub.com/
Business Phone Number: 612-210-5944